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Guitar Lessons For Kids

Kids have many talents and hobbies. With that being said, certain talents will stay with them for a lifetime and make a difference. Learning how to play a guitar is something that will stay with a child forever to enjoy and grow. If you feel that your kid has a passion for music then guitar lessons could be the right thing for them to get started on. At Northville Guitar Lessons we customize guitar lessons for each student no matter what their age is. Whether a kid, teenager or adult wants to learn how to play the guitar we can get it done with the help of our professional instructors.

Customized Guitar Lessons

At Northville Guitar Lessons we focus on your complete understanding of playing guitar. We skip the traditional boring methods of teaching guitar and focus on customizing a lesson to each student. We know each student is different and learns in a different way, that is why with our lesson plans you will have you playing so quickly. You will be seeing progress weekly!

Guitar Lessons From Northville Guitar Lessons

Are you ready to learn something new and grow your talents? Start your guitar lessons today at Northville Guitar Lessons! We take the time to get to know you and figure out a lesson plan that will work best for you. Our program is designed to have you playing the guitar from the very first day! To learn more about our lessons contact us online or call at 248-308-3799

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