Play Guitar Like You’ve Always Wanted

Have you tried to learn guitar only to be left frustrated and disappointed? It’s Not Your Fault!

Even if you did find a quality internet lesson, there is a million to one chance it is the right lesson for you at that time. What is the big secret of internet failures? The order of what you learn is as important as the item you learn...and there is no way random internet/YouTube lessons will be relevant for where you are. Even if you were to search for a lesson on ANY topic, how would you know that it is the right lesson in the right order? IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

Traditional Guitar lessons are boring and ineffective. If you have taken lessons before you know they consist of someone in a room slightly bigger than a closet, asking you what you want to do today. Not what are your goals, let's make a plan and play music...It is literally “what do you want to learn today?”. How would that work for you in any other skill? It doesn’t, and that is why IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

Do you get frustrated sifting through hundreds of random internet lessons with little success?  Our school is filled with adults, just like you, who have always wanted to play guitar but did not start until now. 

It is never too late to begin playing guitar.  Our programs are designed to have you playing real music from the very first day!  There will be no nursery rhymes or boring exercises. 

It is time to do something you have always wanted to do!


I used to be one of the hundreds of guitar teachers working in a small dingy room without a plan or long-term goals.  I decided to devote myself entirely into creating a system that is far more enjoyable and infinitely more effective.  After years of research, training, and constant study we have created just that…an environment that ensures enjoyment and a system that guarantees learning. 

Fun Environment

Fast Progress

Strong Community

Longterm Results

Lifelong Skill


✓ Proven teaching methods that provide maximum results
✓ Fun learning environment that will boost self-confidence
✓ Instructors with hundreds of hours of training in “How To Teach”
✓ Beautiful oversized rooms designed especially for comfort and performance


My son has been begging to take guitar for a while, and he was hooked as soon as we started here. The instructors are amazing with kids! They keep them ...

Toni B

I wish I could rate this place even more stars. The owners are two of the most genuine, passionate, and nicest people you will ever meet. Right away they treat ...

Peter S

As a 56 year old beginner, I was hesitant to start guitar lessons. But I'm so glad I did. Jim and Paul make it fun to learn and I always ...

Michael K

My 13 year old son LOVES coming to lessons here. Jim, the owner, knows how to tune into what each student likes and how they learn best. My son is ...

Sue C

I've played guitar for over 20 years now but never really invested in any serious lessons since I had just started out. Since I've started at Northville Guitar Lessons about ...

Jim W

I always wanted to play guitar… Northville Guitar Lessons gave me the confidence to chase my dream.

George Z


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