Peter S

I wish I could rate this place even more stars. The owners are two of the most genuine, passionate, and nicest people you will ever meet. Right away they treat you like family and it’s obvious that they take pride in their business and want you to succeed playing guitar. They will give you all of the tools and resources needed to do it. You just have to do your part. I also love that they listen to your goals and seek feedback.

I’m a slow learner and pretty shy, so I was honestly a little nervous about coming in, but the atmosphere is super relaxed and chill. The instructors are extremely down to earth and rediculously skilled. If you want to get better, you need to surround yourself with better people. These are the guys you want to learn from.

Long story short, I used to play acoustic guitar years ago and kind of lost passion after reading tabs online and watching YouTube videos. Don’t do this. I was frustrated because it felt like I wasn’t getting any better so I kind of stopping playing. Last Christmas my fiance got me a new electric guitar and I signed up for lessons. It hasn’t even been a couple months yet, and I’ve learned more in these months than I have in entire years learning alone.

If you’re reading these reviews and debating whether this is right for you, just do yourself a favor and make the first step. Call them or visit their website (which is what I did). I came in for a lesson and left with a lifelong hobby I’m passionate about again. I’m honestly excited to see where I’ll be at in a year.

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