Don’t Take Guitar Lessons from Bad Teachers

guitar lessons from bad teachers

You already know the major impact a great guitar teacher has on your guitar playing development. However, taking guitar lessons with the wrong kind of teacher also has a major impact… in a negative sense. To avoid these kinds of teachers (or find a better one if you have a bad teacher currently), it’s important to understand the major teaching mistakes they make. Read below to learn these mistakes so you can find a great guitar teacher who doesn’t make them:

They only teach 1 on 1 and avoid teaching in classes

A common guitar teaching myth is that teaching only one on one lessons is the best way to teach. This is not true. Although you certainly can get great benefit from one on one lessons, learning in group formats is extremely important. Why? When you take guitar lessons in a class with other people you learn things that you would never learn in private lessons. For example, you learn how to overcome the anxiety of playing in front of others. You’ll learn how to play music in a group setting and gain extra motivation through friendly competition. Make sure to find a guitar teacher who teaches classes to take advantage of this type of learning environment. At Northville Guitar Lessons, we specialize in teaching guitar classes. Schedule a free trial lesson and get started learning guitar now!

They don’t show you how to practice on your own

It does no good to learn new things during guitar lessons if you don’t know how to practice. Many guitar teachers don’t actually teach their students how to practice. Instead, they give out lesson materials and leave their students to figure things out on their own. This style of teaching is ineffective. As a result, students practice less and end up back at square one before their next guitar lesson.

A great guitar teacher helps his students understand how to practice correctly while they are taking their lesson. This helps them make less mistakes and more progress at home so they get better faster. Additionally, a teacher like this helps his students create an effective guitar practice schedule so they are always working towards reaching their musical goals in the most efficient way possible.

They overwhelm you with too many materials

Poor guitar teachers feel like they aren’t good teachers unless they are constantly giving their students new things to learn. This often backfires, as it overwhelms them and removes their motivation. A better approach is to teach students how to integrate the skills they have together with ones they’ve already mastered. This is what a great teacher does for you in order to help you become a better overall guitarist. This also prevents you from developing imbalances in your playing where one weakness can hold you back.

They don’t teach you with a specific strategy to reach your musical goals

Many guitar teachers do not teach their students in a goal-oriented manner. Do not accept this. Taking guitar lessons from a teacher who works to help you reach your musical goals is the #1 way to get better fast. Goal-oriented guitar teachers are much more efficient at helping you become the guitarist you want to become than those who just teach you new things at random. Think of it like trying to hit a dartboard while blindfolded versus just walking up and putting the dart in the location where you want it. This is the difference.

Now that you know how bad guitar teaching holds you back, look for a guitar teacher who doesn’t make these mistakes to improve your musical skills much faster. You’ll play better, impress your friends, and actually enjoy taking guitar lessons!

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